Attempting Deleted Photo Recovery in a Phone or Camera

It is everyone’s nightmare. You keep collecting all the photos of your college life, family trips, and hangout pictures with friends, the one with your girlfriend etc and you make different albums in your pc for each. One day, something happens and you accidentally delete everything. Could happen to even the smartest ones. We all know pictures are precious. Sometimes, they are the only things connecting us to our past. It is understandable that so many of us have a need to recover such deleted photos from a camera or phone. Let us see how this can be done.

Data Recovery

Setting the right expectations:

Before we start, we need to set realistic expectations. The storage location of the deleted photos can play a crucial role. Chances of recovery are high if they had been on a removable drive. And if they were in the internal memory of your mobile phone, I’m afraid the chances are pretty slim.

What to do immediately after deletion?

As a general rule, the chance of recovery is high immediately after deletion. The more data is written, deleted and overwritten, chances of recovery of earlier data becomes remote.  So as soon as you realize that you have done a grave mistake by deleting some important pictures, make sure you do not tamper much with the storage device. If it was on a SD card, keep it aside till recovery is attempted. If it was on a phone, try to use a different phone if possible. Or else, keep your activities restricted to calls and messaging till recovery is made. Now, let us attempt to solve the problem scenario-wise

Photos in phone’s internal storage:

This works on Android phones. You need to change your default USB option to Mass storage for this to work. Before connecting your phone via a USB cable to your Windows pc, download and install Piriform’s Recuva.

Now, connect your phone and open Recuva. Use this tool to scan your phone which appears now as an external storage device. Once Recuva finishes scanning, all the deleted files will be displayed, and you can select the photos you need to copy to your hard drive.

If you are using a version higher than Android version 4.4.2, this probably won’t work. You need to use EASEus’ MobiSaver for Android for further recovery.

Photos in an external drive

Connect the card to your computer. Open Recuva and proceed as above. Once you are done, disconnect the SD card and make sure the photos are saved to your hard drive. You can connect the SD card using a SD card adapter which probably comes with your phone or is readily available in the market

What if it doesn’t work?

This can happen in cases where the deletion was done some time back. The only option left is to contact a storage recovery device. You need to make sure that the photos are worth it because it is going to cost you a lot.

To be on the safer side and avoid these hassles, make regular back up of your phone or SD card to a pc or laptop. Using a DropBox account to backup your photos and videos regularly can also work.

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