Flynx vs Javelin vs Link Bubble: The Battle of the Popup Link Browsers on Android

Popup browsers have certainly become successful in terms of offering a greater Android experience. These are superbly multi functional in nature, sleek in terms of usage, and above all, they make the browsing experience even more interesting on smartphones. The speed is just thrilling.

Here in the article we have taken a comparative dig at the three most known pop-up browsers that can be helpful for you in making a decision in going with one.

Andriod Browsers

Flynx : An Efficient Option

Despite being a new comer on this matter, it has still managed to deliver a great job. It is having a overwhelming speed and you can always stay assured of security. It’s default reader view offers a really high-end experience of going through the web content. By making this as the default, the user simply needs to have a double click at any point of the link, and the link gets spontaneously saved within the browser. The browser is available absolutely for free at the moment, and you will not be annoyed by any ads. You can go for tweaking the text as well.


This has managed to be one of the most favoured browsing options for android within a shorter while. It offers a great flexibility in terms of shifting through the posts just through the swipes. You can go through the reader view as well, simply by having a tap on the reader key.   The pro edition of the browser brings even more excellent features for you.

Link Bubble Browser

It is having a free edition; however, this restricts the user in many ways, as through the process one can deal with only a single link at a stretch.  To enjoy the higher level features you have to go with the Pro edition at the expense of about 2.5 dollars. Through the process you can have better themes, reader modes, etc.

Conclusion: Comparing the Three

Among all three above, Flynx is absolutely free, and still one of the finest options in terms of sharing the stuffs. It brings you with some enhanced features to read it in accordance with your flexibility. In addition, they promise you to bring some more enchanting in coming futures.

Javeline is a perfect product for meeting thr professional standard. If your device is thoroughly efficient with high-end processing unit, then the experience can be even high level. The browser still performs at an encouraging speed even opening more than ten links at a stretch.

Though Link Bubble is also a decent option, still a lot has to be enhanced about t in terms of its interface. The major drawback for it is that the free edition of the browser is too dumb to be used. This is the reason it is not a preferred option for many.

Apparently, the competition now gets limited within Flynx and Javeline. Being specific, I have to declare Flynx as a winner at a narrow margin, especially because it’s a better product in free edition.

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