How Many WordPress Plugins Do You Really Need?

Dealing with a site, and plugin can both be correlated. As a blogger, you will have to install a nice WordPress plugin for your blog. However, there are many issues associated with this plug-ins those must be understood properly.

Wordpress Plugins

What’s the Dilemma?

No matter how flexible a Content Management System is, but things can never really be productive once you don’t associate it with a proper plug-in. There is no scarcity of free plug-ins, and it is also true at the same time that these are quite excellent despite being available without any cost. However, this doesn’t mean that you go with one and all. You have to take care of various other aspects like performance, security, etc as well. Now question arises, how many plug-in is really perfect for a blog? Do you have the same doubt? Have a look.

Understanding the Characteristics

It is here to mention that it’s never a hypothesis that having more number of plug-ins makes your site slower. The performance depends upon how well the plug-in has been scripted. One needs to understand the characteristics of a plug-in that really helps someone while making any decision. Some of these put effects on the outer lay-out, and there are some others those have effects on database. It’s important that you have some technical knowledge to deal with this. If you are not too efficient on coding, you can always ask your technical expert about in which way the particular plug-in is affecting your site.

How to Deal with it?

You (or your technical expert) can have a comparative dig. Find out which part of your site is delivering slow; is it the front end? Is it the back end? If it is affecting the front end, you can change in accordance. Well, changing the codes can also do the job. Adding some extra http can sometimes do the job for you. Sometimes, having an additional stylesheet can also make it efficient; especially in terms of design.

If you find your database server is getting affected, upgrading the hosting can also do the job for you.

Protection and Reliability                                          

Yes, plug-in and security have been seen to be associated. Still, you can expect finest protection for your site simply having a consistent WordPress back-up. Most of the problems can be solved just by having a decent back-up only. Anyway, make sure the plug-in you are using has come from a trusted source, or it has been properly coded. A nicely coded plug-in can definitely solve maximum of your protection issues. While going for downloading a plug-in it is important to go through its rating, feedbacks offered, etc.


Now you must have understood that there is really no particular number anyone has to suggest on this matter. It’s all about the analysis. If your site is big enough, you should definitely go with more number of plug-ins. As we have mentioned above, more number of plug-ins affect your site is just a wrong mindset. WordPress is enough optimized, and in fact this is enough for a beginner. But, as the site grows, you have to make your technical sight in to action, or hire someone efficient enough.

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