How to Save your YouTube Videos to your Google Drive

Video blogging is a very popular blogging medium of modern days. Also known as vlogging; has reached plenty lot of people and many are being able to bring out their potential at ease. Thanks to YouTube and the other vlogging tools we have, now expressing your own self,showcasing your talent or just showing off things has become easier than ever. There are different social network sites that let you upload your videos; like Vimeo, Vines or maybe even Instagram and Facebook! But since YouTube is owned by Google, they provide the convenience to directly save the original files of your own videos to your Google Drive. If you had been uploading video blogs to YouTube for quite a long time without saving the original copies to your computer, then you might keep on reading. If you have all original videos stored in your hard drive, this article is not for you then.

Google Drive

Save Original Videos Officially

YouTube offers two official ways to get your original video files back. One is to download the video directly from your YouTube dashboard and using the save video option there. Sadly, this more official version isn’t going to get you the actual video quality. It doesn’t matter whether your video was 1080p HD or 4K, YouTube downloader is going to scale down the video to 480p. Think you can live with that? Then you might just follow this procedure.

We suggest the hidden, yet official method that lets you download the YouTube videos in full resolution, presented to you by Google Takeout. Not only download but you can also get the video delivered to your Google Drive without any extra efforts. You can keep a backup of your uploaded videos just very easily!

To get to Google Takeout, visit this link. The official Google Takeout lets you download a copy of your original data and directly store it to Google Drive. No third party involvement here, it’s all official. When you click ‘Next’ in the link we have just provided, the next screen brings you an option to add your video to drive under ‘Delivery Method’. The file will be saved in .zip extension, as archive files which require a WinZip client to proceed with. However, each file will be 2 GB at most. If your videos are higher than 2 GB then the video file will be split into multiple 2 GB files; your data remains intact though. You might use some third party joiner client to join the file and make it whole later.

Third Party Plugins and Extensions

Google is pocketful with extensions – and there’s one which lets you save your video directly into your Google Drive. The extension is named Save to Drive and you can find it in the extension gallery. Not only videos but also any image you see while surfing on Google Chrome; and it also supports HTML5 audio and video files. The procedure is basically same like the second official method mentioned above, but it only makes the procedure a one-click thingy.

However, there are limitations with this extension. You can’t see a preview of the file that you saved and you can’t specify any sub folder inside your Google Drive folder for saving the files. They will be placed in root and you have to copy them to another folder later, if required.


All these methods seemed to work perfectly well. If you are uncomfortable with the file splitting for files above 2 GB, use a combiner and everything would be okay.

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