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If you want to make money sitting right at home, then internet opens up a whole lot of opportunities for you. From hardcore geniuses to average person – everyone has something to do and earn money. No human is ever born without talent and academic performance really doesn’t determine someone’s potentials to shine. Now, many people have taken the different path to start a career, but you need to know the websites where you can sell your work. has made some suggestions about how you should work and train yourself to work in particular fields as we have discussed here.

Earn Money

Jobs you can do:

Here’s a list of job fields you might consider training yourself and getting started.

Sell Someone Else’s Product Online and earn Your Commission

Marketing these days works in a different way. Every other sort of media is still involved in preaching a product or service’s superiority, still internet has made it easily reachable to a majority of people. For starters, you can be an affiliate for some major e-commerce sites like If they make a sell where you have redirected the buyer to that particular product link, you generate a commission which could be up to 25%.

For ClickBank, this commission ceiling could range even up to 75%. All you have to do is make people into buying your affiliate’s service or product.

People Look for Answers on Internet – Be their Answer Guy

Information is worth a lot more than you can imagine. People dig the internet for an answer that could be related to anything. There are websites like or that would satisfy people with their eagerness to know. However, to be an “Answer Person”, you need to undergo a test of the corresponding website. If you pass then you then get the chance to work as an expert on your subject. The pay could be small, ranging from 1 to 20 cents but the market grows.

Help Companies Gather Information by Conducting Surveys

Marketing requires people’s thoughts. A company; the more it knows about what’s going on in their consumers’ mind, the more they can concentrate on delivering quality product and service. There are many websites that offers surveys, and these websites need actual human to work for them. When someone takes the job of a survey taker, it’s their responsibility to set up a survey paper that fits for the client company. Upon gathering the necessary data, plotting them into relevant graphs and charts is also a responsibility. Even though there are automated tools for these types of jobs, still they require precision and least amount of human error. 

Reliability of these jobs

As you might have already guessed, these jobs aren’t really a total replacement for traditional full time jobs. You can go large scale, employ more people to join your team and help out in exchange of a remuneration – that’s entrepreneurship and could work as a full time employment. But unless you take an individual lead, these jobs are mostly suitable part time.

If you are thinking about legal base, all of these websites are properly registered, licensed and permitted to recruit people. However you might still check before signing up for a job.

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