Reduce Android Power Consumption by Turning of Bluetooth and WiFi

Almost every Android user goes through one common frustration when they start using an Android device for the first time – the battery drains too fast. This is indeed a crucial problem for smartphone users; after all the phones claiming them to be smart aren’t really that smart when it comes to managing battery life. But guess what, your Android is eating up power mostly because you had made a human error. That is – you kept your Bluetooth and WiFi on for no good reason and those modules are taking powers from your battery.

Android Battery

Another human error you make is installing more than one battery saving at the same time. In most smartphones running the latest Android versions don’t really need a battery saver. They are self-sufficient to back the battery up with necessary precautions to keep it healthy and long lasting. Installing the battery savers usually occupies your RAM for a prolonged time and drains up even more juice.

However, you can still get a power consumption reducer like the Juice Defender. Bear with us to know more about it. And if you just want an app to monitor your wireless modules like the WiFi and Bluetooth, all you need is Wireless Minder app.

Wireless Minder

The app is pretty straightforward. New Android users might have to dig a little more to know which feature does what, but they will finally get to know. There are check boxes, checking those lets the app monitor the status of your device’s WiFi and Bluetooth modules. The interval feature defines a definite time period to check the modules at a specific interval. If the particular chip is not in use or inactive for a long period of time, they will be turned off. Otherwise the modules remain on and let you transfer data.

If you have a Bluetooth headphone that you use for a very long time period, only then the Bluetooth Minder feature would come useful. Whenever you turn your headphone off, the Bluetooth Minder feature would detect the inactivity and turn off the Bluetooth as well.

Juice Defender

This app basically checks your battery health, optimizes the apps, keeps the RAM less populated and makes better management of files – all these to make your battery last long.


These apps could be both – highly useful or totally pointless. Once you get used to the Android culture of managing battery, you better do the turning on and off by yourself. Takes little time but saves lot of juice.


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