How To Send Free Fake SMS From Any Number?

Everyone loves to play prank on their friends, but these days’ people are aware of the old ones and there are not much new left. But there is one prank that is evergreen and a person you want to scares definitely does. This prank is sending SMS with fake numbers. Everyone uses cell phone these days and everyone is curious to know who is sending me the SMS with. If you can expand this prank for a little then there is huge fun involved in that. First of all are you aware of the technology on how to send fake SMS. Here are several websites present on the internet from where you can send anonymous SMS.

send sms free

What it is all about?

It is nothing complicated to understand. With the help of a website you are able to send anonymous numbers on people’s numbers. You can text your friends from any number you want. When you are playing pranks on your fan you can make the situation look more real. In short this is also known as SMS spoofing. So, it is recommended that you use this free service in a better way rather than harming any other person. Using this service in a wrong way also take you to a bad situation. So make sure that you are using this free service in a right way. There are many people who are using these services to avail free SMS. These are not fully fledged services.

Free SMS sites

These websites are easily available on the internet. It is very easy to use these sites. With the help these websites you are able to send a free SMS from any number to your desired number. You can send SMS to your friend from his ex girlfriend. This is suddenly going to put a funny impression on his face. This way you also not harm anyone and enjoy pulling your friend’s leg. You can bookmark these sites and because these are limited SMS you can use them when you want.

You might want to avail these services at any point n your life. These services are very important though people use this in a funny way. There is also limit to the SMS on how much can you send in one day. There is one site smsglobal from where you can send free SMS. There are several other websites as well.


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