Top Apps to Manage Files on Your Android Mobile

Android is the most used platform of the present time, and credit goes to the kind of flexibility that it offers for its users. The level of access it offers for its users is just impossible to find elsewhere, especially the file transfer. You just need one USB cable, and make your file manager in to action. The file managers come handy when the files need to be handled on a bulk. On this context, we present you below some of the most popular and efficient file managers for android those can do your job.

Andriod File Manager

ES File Manager

ES File Manager holds a great reputation among the android users. It offers a plethora of interesting features those are simply unmatchable in terms of file management. The fundamental tasks of file management tasks like copy, paste, shift, edit, delete, etc can be done at an ease. To deal with your important folders it has a sidebar. In addition, there is a native memory option, galleries for videos or images available for your better assist.  In addition, it can be a very good option for you in terms of managing the apps.

ASTRO Cloud & File Manager

ASTRO Cloud & File Manager can be an efficient option for your android device to handle the file management works. This is flexible enough by having both native storage and cloud storage specs. It means, you can make the native storage of your device in addition with the external memory, and cloud storage for extended use. Its basic lay out allows you to go through the complete display to move across the files. You can go through different storage destinations through swiping side. In addition, there are more extended settings available to make things even easier.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a fine choice as an android file manager that makes you available with the double panel interface. Things get really easier for you through the dual pane pattern as you can go through the drag and drop facility. In addition, tasks like copy and paste, shifting the position, or deleting gets too sleek. The tool lets you available with the storage options through its specialised panel. It can deal with most of file types that can be handy for all sorts of users.

AntTek Explorer Ex

AntTek Explorer Ex is also another feature rich application to handle your file management works. It also includes a double pane interface with it that makes various crucial functionalities like drag and drop, copy, paste, etc much sleeker. It can facilitate the file transfer tasks through server, and includes various cloud management tools native like Google Drive, Dropbox along native music players.

Total Commander

Here we come up with another absolutely free, yet extremely efficient file management application for your android device. In fact, the name is quite familiar among techies as an external file management application for PCs. Good news is that the tool is equally efficient for your Android device as well having the two pane interface. All sorts of tasks like copy, paste, delete, transfer, etc are made too easy through the process. It also has plug-in facility available for FTP and LAN.

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