Turn WordPress into a Cost Effective eCommerce Solution

Over time, WordPress has become a multi-purpose web platform. For blogging and entry level websites, WordPress is the prime service to choose. But did you know; you could actually use WordPress for the eCommerce website you are planning to initiate?


WordPress is basically a free web publishing tool. Anyone can start off as a writer, write anything like their autobiography or some high thought research paper or whatever they want. But, there’s another paid option which can get you almost anywhere. From starters to the top in the chain, WordPress is ready to serve all needs – even an eCommerce website.

Required Stuff for an eCommerce Website

First off, you need a WordPress subscription. Now, you can purchase one through WordPress or install the WordPress plugin on your domain hosting provider. We wouldn’t get into that – it’s a whole lot of description and procedures. For now we just assume you have a ready web setup waiting to fire up.

Next, you need a plugin solely stitched for eCommerce sites. There are plenty, but almost none of those come for free. Even if they do, it’s not really a good idea to choose a free plugin for a website you are planning to earn money off. To get something back in return, you must first make a wise investment. You should get plenty of plugins within $50 to $200 budget range.

We have taken a look into the twoof the most popular eCommerce WordPress plugins that are being sold like hotcakes.


Most WordPress based eCommerce sites run on WooCommerce. This is the most popular eCommerce plugin for eCommerce sites till yet, and there are plenty of helpful features like comprehensive tax and shipping calculations. You can use the built in marketing tools to maximize your product rich. The inventory managing tools help with how you manage your goods in storage and on sell. And finally the extensive reporting would note everything down into an analyzable report for you. The user interface is very intuitive.


If your store isn’t big enough yet, or you just want an easy to manage plugin for your eCommerce website then instead of WooCommerce, you might want to take a look at Cart66. This plugin kind of increases your WordPress website functionality to the point where you can make it buy and sell stuff in your store. If your products are all online based like software, graphics or animation, smartphones apps, photographs or other media contents then Cart66 provides extended functionality. That doesn’t leave out the products with physical existence though; trading of both of these just works fine through Cart66 plugin on WordPress.


So you’re now given with two plugins, how do you feel your eCommerce business is going to turn out to be?

First of all, let us clarify you that a plugin alone can’t change the whole story. You need to know how to thrive and survive on an eCommerce website, how the businesses take place. WordPress is a website base already made beforehand, this poses both pros and cons. The pros are you don’t need to start anything from scratch and one great con is – you can’t take a look deep down and tighten your website security even more. If you accept that, then you might proceed with eCommerce on WordPress platform.

Apart from the risk of being under hacker attack, the plugins still work pretty well. You can avoid the risk of being compromised by staying awake – no big deal.  If everything’s done right, WordPress can bring you prosperity through eCommerce.

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