Usher in a Paperless World with Microsoft OneNote

If I was asked to pick ten most productive/useful software in the market right now, Microsoft OneNote would definitely be in the list. I am a huge fan of anything that saves me from the humiliation of having to show my handwriting to anyone. OneNote is a life saver in this regard. On a serious note, it is the promise of a paperless life and the trees I would end up saving that prompted me into using a Microsoft software. No matter which device or operating system you are using, OneNote is available in just about everything; be it Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chrome.

Microsoft OneNote

Why OneNote?

If you are the type of person who carries a notepad and a pen in your pocket at all times, it is time to try the OneNote app in your smartphone. It allows you to keep your notes and records neat and organized. It is so much easier to search for specific entries rather than having to turn page after page browsing the entire notepad for a small, but crucial info.

Sound a lot like Evernote, right? But with its better productivity, audio recording features and seamless integration with any Office application, OneNote has an unbeatable edge over its rival.

Basics of OneNote

The design replicates actual note-taking, only that this is more comprehensive and orderly. Its simple design allows users to arrange things properly according to sections. Notes can be nested under another note which making organizing them easier. If you would like to share your note, it can be done by opening the notebook and choosing File > Share > Invite People.

OneNote comes preinstalled with a Windows Phone. By installing its sister app, the Office Lens, users can take their note-taking to a new level by grabbing pictures and inserting them into Office files directly.

OneNote for Mac

Even though Microsoft tackled this incredible challenge quite well, much is left to be desired. The interface has striking similarities to the Windows one but has considerably lesser features than the Windows version. OneNote is available in the latest Apple iPhone 6 Plus, thus enhancing your note taking capabilities in your iPhone.

The same applies for Android phones as well. The integration is much better than in iOS phones in this case.

Room for improvement

We are finally witnessing Microsoft OneNote finally catching up with Evernote and is soon expected to overtake it as the prime choice noting pool for pc and smartphone users alike. Formatting web clips is one area where it could do better to be at par with Evernote. Also, cross platform integration is another area to work with. This can be essential in winning over iPhone and Android users.

Final Verdict

There is no question about the huge potential this Microsoft tool has. It is only a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. If it can bring its quality at par with Windows users across all platforms, then there is literally no reason why anyone wouldn’t go for it. If you haven’t tried it already, do it now!

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