Why People are Leaving Your Site in Seconds

Money is all about the price, but appreciation is priceless. Once you managed to bag some crucial appreciations, success is not too far away. You can relate it with any business, and in case of a web based venture it’s like a mantra. The game is all about how much traffic is your site generating and how long they stick with it. But, on a practical note this is too damn challenging; at least in present scenario. The consequence is undoubtedly disappointing when yo don’t face the challenge properly. Question is why such disasters happen? Well, we have pointed out a few. Have a look!

Website Speed

Tortoise Speed Loading

It is here to mention that the sites those have loading time of more than 10 seconds are obvious to face significant decrease in traffic. No body really cares how interesting stuffs you have brought for them, especially if you are not an established site. The reason is apparent; they have no scarcity of options, and they don’t have much time. Google have been always emphasizing on enhanced user experience, and an expediting loading plays a big role on this regard.

Poor designing/Interface; Not Optimized

The layout of your site is very important factor for the visitors to spend some more time with it. A stunning site with interesting and distinguishing contents being presented with perfect grandeur forces the visitor to have some time with it. In addition, it is equally important that you don’t make your visitor get annoyed with plethora of links. Anyone will get fed-up by closing extraneous banners or advertises. Naturally, he/she would love to visit a better place.

There are many exiting tools available these days to offer an optimized look to your site. Attempts like this certainly hike your conversion rate.

Annoying Auto Play

If you want to integrate a video with the content, nothing really wrong about that. But, make sure the audience doesn’t feel it as a burden. I mean to say the video must not play automatically. Disable the option as soon as it is possible.  Even if your site has a video advertise, make sure it is not auto playing. No one wants to deal with irrelevant stuffs, and at the same time it is a fact that the videos increase the cost of browse. Hence, avoiding such things can be helpful for you and obviously for the visitor. These sorts of things affect your site rank as well.

Dead Contents

Content has been the king, and will be for ever. After all, people come here with expectations about your contents only. If your content is not written in a manner to provoke him/her to read further, then it is of no use. It’s all about presentation and a unique view from your side. Not everyone brings the raw content, but it can be made available always with a unique and creative approach. That’s the way the reader finds your site, or the post relevant and feels satisfied that he learnt something from it. You must be passionate about your work; writing a post just to update, or as a duty simply squeezes the quality.

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